Site Search


To honour the impacted communities, survivors, families of survivors, as well as those who did not make it home, the decision was made by the CSAA to work with partners to search the Shingwauk site comprehensively. It is understood that the CSAA, the Shingwauk Education Trust and Garden River First Nation will be collaborating in coordinating the search.

Jay Jones speaking about the site search process.

Update – January 2022

Site Search Phase Map
Site Map Scanning Areas

Update – September 2021

On September 24th and 25, data collection work started in ceremony on the Algoma-owned portion of the Shingwauk site. The search will occur on a section by section basis, with the first phase covering the area highlighted in the map attached. This process involves using ground penetrating radar to collect data that can be analyzed to see if there are any disturbances in the soil. The analysis of the data will take months to do, and in the meantime the CSAA will work collaboratively with the survivor community to develop a recovery protocol.

Update – September 2021

Each of the known communities impacted by the Shingwauk Indian Residential School was sent a letter inviting them to participate in the site search process.