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Bishop Fauquier Memorial Chapel

One of the most repeated or catchphrases used by survivors when asked about how they felt in the Chapel (Bishop Fauquier Memorial Chapel) is 'safe and secure'. All what was happening over in the main building was a non-issue while you were in the Chapel.  It is of paramount importance this site be preserved for its history and its relationship to education and liaison with our Aboriginal cultures and all generations to come."

Mike Cachagee
Survivor –Shingwauk Indian Residential School

Children of Shingwauk Alumni Association,
Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario


Children of Shingwauk Alumni Association

Welcome to the Children of Shingwauk Alumni Association’s (CSAA) site. Within this site, you will find information about CSAA, the Shingwauk Residential Schools Centre, housed in Algoma University (Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario), the designated historic sites: Bishop Fauquier Memorial Chapel, the Bishop Fauquier Memorial Chapel Cemetery and our Chapel and Cemetery Restoration Fundraising Project

We invite you to learn about the sites, the school centre, book a tour, and view the photo galleries. Check back often for details of the launch of our restoration campaign and the many ways you can support project, and the only surviving building of the original Shingwauk Indian Residential School.

Information about the 2013 Shingwauk Gathering and Conference can also be found on this site.